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A soap bar starts your self-care routine, and we at Filthy Rich Soaps embrace the art of bathing. We create artisan handmade bar soaps that appeal to your senses using vegetarian, phthalate, paraben, and PEG Free ingredients. Our modern-day alchemists have formulated each recipe to create a whole experience of mesmerizing scented soaps that lather into creamy bubbly bliss. Regarding sustainability, like the earth, your body is also an ecosystem. So we created our bar soaps without all the unnecessary extras we felt were questionable. Don't worry about the packaging. We took care of that too. Our bar soap wrappers are oxo-biodegradable plastic, and our shipping boxes are 100% recycled paper-based packaging. We only purchase our ingredients and packaging from manufacturers with integrity that we trust and that share our views on protecting you and this planet. We even went as far as contacting our manufacturers directly to verify what we would be getting. To sum it up, we're just some science geeks that believe every company has a meaningful role to play in collectively creating a more sustainable and equitable world. With that said, we decided we'd become that company.
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